Filtration Systems

  • Pumps for above ground and in ground pools
  • Filters


Heat Pumps

TTI Hybrid Pool Heat Pump
(100,000 and 115,000 btu)
  • Optimized for the highest energy efficiency at low outdoor temperatures
  • Never cools the pool water during defrost cycle
  • Cold climate configuration approved

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Waterco Reversible Heat Pumps
Geyser (50,000, 65,000, and 80,000 btu)



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Hi-Tech (130,000 btu)




Salt Chlorinators

Aqua Trol

AquaTrol® is the affordable salt chlorine generating solution for above ground pools that saves you time and money while conveniently keeping your pool clean and safe.

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Aqua Rite

The World's #1 Salt Chlorinator. Hayward's AquaRite® Salt System is the convenient alternative to conventional chlorine - bringing your pool the very best in soft, silky water with no more red eyes, itchy skin, or harsh odors. It’s remarkably convenient, too, automatically delivering chlorine for the ultimate swimming experience. AquaRite® is independently certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. And with the industry’s best warranty support plus 50% or more savings over conventional chlorine, no wonder it’s the World’s #1 salt chlorinator today.

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Pool Cleaning Robots

Dolphin S 50

The Dolphin S 50 absolutely sets the standards for above ground robotic pool cleaners.

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Dolphin S 200

Dolphin S 200 is the pool cleaning robot that anyone can handle - thanks to its ultra-light weight and fast water release. It effectively cleans the floor, walls and waterline, for sparkling results every time.

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Dolphin Supreme M4

Step up to a new experience with the Dolphin Supreme M4 wall-climbing robotic pool cleaner. Recommended for pools up to 12m (40ft) in length, the Supreme M4 is the cost-effective way to ensure entire pool cleaning, including the floor, walls, and waterline.

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