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Feeling Spa


Feeling Spa

The emotion of your personal spa paradise will be absorbed by a Feeling like you’ve never known. The Feeling calls your name. It combines styling, comfort, ambience, serviceability and exceptional massage all in one truly portable and affordable spa. As its name suggests, the Feeling will trigger your emotions and command your attention. It’s sleek, modern design not only exudes practical features, but it also blusters with features like a back lit, cascading waterfall, external LED sconce lighting, hand recesses for easy portability and 100% accessibility to the plumbing and equipment. With unequaled comfort, ambience and practicality, the Feeling delivers a truly gratifying spa ownership experience.

The Feeling is a true “Plug & Play” portable spa. It needs no special site preparation (must be level). The bottom of the Feeling is totally protected and the spa can be set on any solid level surface. No electrician is needed. The Feeling comes standard with a 15’, 120V GFCI protected cord that is ready to be plugged into a dedicated 15 amp standard wall receptacle. For those who plan to use their spa for long periods of time in cold weather, it can also be converted to 240V (electrician required) operation for better heating efficiency. The Feeling is very portable. It weighs approximately 350 lbs., dry weight, and it has built in hand recesses for easy lifting and handling. It can easily be transported in the back of most pick-up trucks, on a small trailer or in a moving truck so you don’t ever have to worry about leaving your spa behind again. The Feeling is for simplicity, comfort, quality, portability, and affordability.

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  • Shell Length : 82 inches
  • Shell Width : 72 inches
  • Shell Height : 35 inches
  • Volume : 1000 litres


  • 24 Jets

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